Pilot Process Toolkit - Samples, Templates

Section 1 … Overview of Pastoral Planning Process

o    Purpose, Rationale, Benefits

o    Rick Krivanka – Overview

o    Organizing our Planning

o    Calendar

o    Sample Schedule

Section 2 … Parish Wide Communication

o    Parish Wide Communication

o    Sample Bulletin Announcements

Section 3 … Appreciative Inquiry Approach

o    Comparison of Appreciative Inquiry and Problem Solving

o    Appreciative Inquiry Article

o    Rick Krivanka – Appreciative Inquiry

o    Appreciative Inquiry Power Point Presentation

o    Discover Abundant Life, Strengths and Hope Using Appreciative Inquiry

Section 4 … Tools for the Listening Phase of Pastoral Planning

o    Surveys

o    Focus Groups

o    Rick Krivanka – Focus Groups

o    Community (Town Hall) Meeting with Table Groups

o    Individual interviews in one-to-one or large group setting

Section 5 … Analysis Tools for Each Listening Process

o    Directions for Discerning Key Themes and Quotes from interviews and Open-Ended Survey Questions

o    Survey Analysis Tool #1 

o    Survey Analysis Tool #2 

o    Rick Krivanka – Survey Listening Process

o    DMP Tool for Small Focus Group Analysis

o    DMP Tool for Survey Analysis Tool

o    St. Vincent de Paul Parish Samples of interview Data collected by table; grouped by large themes; re-scripted for follow -up-in-depth interview questions and goal setting

Section 6 …  Additional Information to Gather

o    Special Study Side Trip Cover Sheet

o    Demographic Summary

o    Facilities and Finances Summary

o    Financial Worksheet

o    Liturgical Summary

o    Overall Ministry Assessment

o    Parish Demographic Overview

o    Staffing Summary

o    Word, Worship, Community and Service Ministry Assessments

Section 7…Writing the Plan

·         Sample Schedule

·         Review of Pastoral Planning Process with Background for Parish Mission Statement & Core Values

·         Mission Statement/Core Value Examples

·         Pastoral Plan Outline

·         Sample Action Planning … Goals and Action Steps

·         Creating G.R.E.A.T Goals

·         Pastoral Letter Reflection and Guidance

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